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News Release


JFE Steel Corporation Receives ISO 45001 Certification
for West Japan Works (Fukuyama Area)
JFE Steel Resumes Operating West Japan Works (Kurashiki) No. 4 Blast Furnace
JFE Steel and Nucor to Become Joint Owners of California Steel Industries
JFE Steel Develops FM1300S Nickel-free Alloyed Steel Powder
—Enables customers to cut costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions—
TOYOTA Lexus Adopts 1.5GPa High-strength Cold-rolled Steel Sheet to Structural Part by Unique Cold Press Forming Technology
Novel Processes for Manufacturing Valuable Materials
Using Coal-Derived CO2 Selected for NEDO Projects
JFE Steel Deploys Data Science-Based Equipment Anomaly Detection System
at All Hot-Rolling Mills
—Designed to improve productivity by preventing equipment faults—
JFE Steel Corporation Receives ISO 45001 Certification
JFE Steel Develops Algorithm-based System for Managing Iron-ore Stockpiles
—Enhances both logistics efficiency and operational stability at ironworks—
JFE Steel Builds Testing System for Low-carbon Concrete Usable in Cold Regions
JFE Steel Signs Long-term Charter for 3 LNG-fueled Ships to Transport Raw Materials
Switch to LNG will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
“Ship Carbon Recycling Working Group” of Japan’s Carbon Capture & Reuse Study Group has confirmed that carbon recycled methane can be recognized as zero emission ship fuel
— Efforts to achieve zero emission by methanation technology published in journal of JIME —
JFE Steel Deploys System for Analyzing Steel-sheet Surface Textures
—Improves defect detection by using human perceptiveness to process images—
JFE Steel & JSW Steel proposes Grain Oriented Steel Sheet Manufacturing JV in India
JFE Steel Develops Hot-continuous Rolling Process for HITEN
JFE Steel Recognized as 2020 Steel Sustainability Champion
JFE Steel to expand electrical steel sheet production capacity at Kurashiki facility
JFE Steel Develops Unique Ultrasonic Testing Robots for Inspecting Steel Plate
Automates offline inspections for enhanced reliability and efficiency
Vietnamese University Launches Course to Develop Steel-structure Engineers
— Based on content from lecture series organized by JFE Steel —
JFE Steels and BHP to address decarbonization in steelmaking process
2021 New Year’s Message