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About JFE’s green-steel “JGreeX

  • JFE Steel Corporation supplies green-steel named “ JGreeX ” with the mass balance approach(*1) to allocate emission reductions to any steel products.
  • NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI (ClassNK) as a third party has conducted a conformity assessment of the calculation method and results of the emission reduction and a partial Carbon footprint.
  • The assurance statement by ClassNK can be downloaded from the link below.
  • In addition, JFE will provide certification. Certificates include the name of customer and the amount of CO2 reduction, etc.

*1 The mass balance approach is in accordance with the Japan Iron and Steel Federation guidelines.

*2 There is a limit to the amount of JGreeX products which JFE can supply.

*3 Please contact us if you have any questions about the contents of the assurance statement by ClassNK and this page.


■Download link:

* Rev1:Corrected the date of statement


■Mass Balance

Mass Balance