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JFE Steel 1.5 GPa-Grade High-Tensile Strength Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets
Adopted for First Time in Vehicle Body Structural Parts
JFE Steel Develops JNRF Silicon-gradient Steel Sheet for High-speed Motors
—Minimizes high-frequency iron loss and improves high magnetic flux density—
JFE Steel to Shutter Keihin’s Upstream Processes and Hot Rolling by Sept. 2023
No. 6 Blast Furnace at East Japan Works (Chiba) to be Revamped
JFE Steel Begins Deploying Smart Cranes at Coil Warehouses
—Will optimize product handling and placement for more efficient shipping—
JFE Steel Receives Steelie Awards for development of resource saving type Si
gradient steel sheet for high-speed motors
JFE Steel and NEDO Begin Demonstration Testing of Ferro Coke Production at medium-scale Facility
—Aiming to reduce ironmaking energy consumption and CO2 emissions by some 10% each—
JFE Steel Rolls Out Mixed-reality Training Simulator
—Will facilitate safe and effective skills transfer to young employees—
JFE Steel Achieves Full Chromate-free Production of Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Sheets
— Contributes to realizing a more eco-friendly world —
Thermal Cutting Guideline for JFE Steel’s Abrasion-resistant Steel Plate EVERHARD
Now Available in Four Languages
JFE Steel Launches Center for In-house Digital-transformation Initiatives
Nine companies have started “Ship Carbon Recycling WG” of Japan’s CCR Study Group
- Cross-industry initiatives for zero-emission ship fuels through methanation technology -
JFE Steel Finishes Global Deployment of Noncontact Control Technology for Steel Sheet Galvanizing
New system ensures stable supply of high-quality galvanized steel sheets
JFE Steel and Tohoku University Establish Collaborative Research Laboratory of
Advanced Analysis Technology for Steelmaking Processes
Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19
JFE Steel to Optimize Domestic Production Operations through Structural Reforms
NUCOR-JFE STEEL MEXICO Begins Operating Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheet Production
Facility for Automotive Applications
Color-coating Line for Flat-steel Products Begins Operating in Myanmar
JFE Steel’s Lecture Series for Steel Structure Engineers in Vietnamese Universities
— Lecture series’ contributions to Vietnamese infrastructure development through steel —
2020 New Year’s Message