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News Release


JFE Steel Develops “FM800” Nickel-free Alloyed Steel Powder
—Offers Excellent Hardenability and Compressibility Iron Powder Metallurgy —
JFE Steel and Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Songshan
Form Specialty Bar Steel Joint Venture in China
JFE Steel Initiating Company-wide System for Detecting Signs of Equipment
Anomalies Using Data Science Technology
—Aims to improve productivity by preventing faults before they occur—
JFE Steel Introduces Industry’s first Image-based Technology
for Detecting Surface Defects in Mill Scale Steel
—Achieves more accurate detection than visual inspection process—
JFE Steel Introducing Data Science Technology at All Steelworks Blast Furnaces
— Conversion to cyber-physical systems expected to enhance productivity —
Tsubasa Pile Receives TCCS Technical Standard Certification in Vietnam
—Will Contribute to Development of Vietnam’s Infrastructure—
No.4 Blast Furnace at West Japan Works (Kurashiki) to Be Revamped
JFE Steel Joins Direct Seeded Rice Consortium,
tests for performance of Iron-Coating Technology of Rice in Asia
Technology aims to develop water- and labor- efficient “Water Seeding”
in lieu of Wet Seeding in Farmers’ Practice
Byerwen Coal Mine Opening Ceremony
Al Gharbia Pipe Co. Starts Commercial Production of Large-diameter Welded Pipe in UAE
JFE Steel and CSIRO agree to collaborate on Long-term Research
JFE Steel Complaint against Chinese Counterfeiter of EVERHARD Steel Plates Upheld
JFE Steel Starts Mass Producing JATT® High-strength, High-elongation
Steel Sheet for Packaging Applications
– Enables enhanced formability and thinner-gauge products –
JFE Holdings and JFE Steel Announce Executive Changes
JFE Steel Joint Venture has Shipped Its First Cargo of Hard Coking Coal
JFE Steel’s 1310 MPa High-tensile Steel Sheet Adopted for First Time
in Cold-press-forming Vehicle Body-frame Parts
2019 New Year’s Message