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Basic Procurement Policy

JFE Steel Procurement Guidelines

JFE Steel has established these JFE Steel Procurement Guidelines in accordance with the JFE Group Standards of Conduct and the JFE Group Basic Policy on Human Rights, aiming to enhance sustainability across its entire supply chain.

We share these guidelines with our business partners and promote sustainability initiatives throughout our supply chain. In addition to asking all business partners to implement the guidelines, we also ask that partners’ own suppliers be encouraged to do the same.

JFE Steel is committed to maintaining and improving mutual understanding and trust with its business partners as part of pursuing mutual development as a true business partner.

JFE Steel Procurement Guidelines

Outline of “JFE Steel Procurement Guidelines”

1.Compliance Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulation
Management of personal and confidential information
Cyber security
Avoidance of Organized crime
Fair competition
Intellectual property (IP) policy
Quality assurance
2.Respect for Human Rights Prohibition of Child labor
Prohibition of Forced labor
Prohibition of Discrimination and harassment
Rights of indigenous and local peoples
Occupational health and safety
Working hours and leave
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Remedy and Grievance Mechanism
3.Environment Harmony with the environment
Environmental management system
Response to climate change
Preventing environmental pollution
Resource recycling and Waste management
Chemical substance management
4.Responsible Procurement Approach to Conflict minerals
5.Business Continuity Plans Formulation of BCPs
6.Relationships with Stakeholders Information disclosure