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Research and Development

Steel Research Center, JFE Steel
In support of the JFE's quest to contribute to society with the world’s most innovative technology, the Steel Research Center is actively developing:
■ Innovative processes to protect the global environment
■ New products that leverage the unique properties of steel
■ Basic technologies for developing new products and processes

What's New!

JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.26 - Special Issue on “Data Science” and “Steel Plates”
JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.25 - Special Issue on “Construction Materials” and “Aged Equipment Management Technology”
JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.24 - Special Issue on “Steel Sheets” and “Rolling and Processing Technologies”
JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.23 - Special Issue on “Steel Sheet for Can-making”, “Steel Bar and Wire Rod” and “Slag Products”
JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.22 - Special Issue on “Analysis and Characterization” and “Steelmaking Technology”
JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.21 - Special Issue on “Electrical Steels,” “Iron and Steel Powders,” and “Instrument and Control Engineering”
JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.20 - Special Issue on “Steel Plates” and “Welding and Joining”
JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.19 - Special Issue on “Safe and Secured Urban Development” and “Energy and Environment”
JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.18 - Special Issue on “Steel Products for Energy Industries” and “Steel Sheets for Automotive and Electric Machinery and Appliance”
JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.17 - Special Issue on Condition Monitoring Technology to Establish Safe Safety Operation
JFE TECHNICAL REPORT No.16 - Special Issue on “Engineering,” “Steel Section Products,” and “Iron and Steel Powders”