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Research Activities

Product Development

  • Sheet Products

    Sheet Products Research Department is developing a wide variety of steel sheets for automobile and other applications. Cutting-edge technologies in microstructure control have been applied for development of high strength steels for lightweight panels, hot rolled high carbon steels for drive system parts and steel sheets for tubular products.

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  • Forming Technology

    Forming Technology Research Department is developing new technologies of forming and performance evaluation to apply our advanced steels to automotive bodies effectively. We support automotive customers with the developed technologies through EVI (Early Vendor Involvement) activities.

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  • Coated Products

    Surface treatment technology in a small scale (10−9 to 10−6 meter) has a possibility to improve corrosion resistance and other functional properties of steel sheets for various uses. Coated Products Research Department is developing coated steel sheets through leading technologies in advanced hot-dip galvanizing, surface modifications and chemical conversion technologies.

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  • Can & Laminated Materials

    Can & Laminated Materials Research Department takes charge of all fields of can material development, which include metallurgical technology for substrate steel sheets, and organic/ inorganic chemistry for surface treatments. This integrated and specialized research system creates innovative solutions for can makers.

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  • Electrical Steel

    Electrical Steel Research Department conducts research and development of high-functional electrical steel sheets which help reduce CO2 emissions and save energy by creating high performance transformers and motors.

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  • Plate & Shapes

    Steel products must be strong and tough, have good weldability, and be capable of enduring severe service conditions from cryogenic to extremely high temperatures. Steel Products Research Department is developing the steel products, which will support tomorrow’s social infrastructure through microstructure control using alloy design and advanced processes.

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  • Bar & Wire Rod

    FE Steel is creating new steels for various components which meet our customer’s needs for their forming and heat treatment processes.

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  • Corrosion Protection

    FE Steel is developing various corrosion resistant steels in order to contribute to reduction of the customer's life cycle cost (LCC), and solution technologies for supplying appropriate corrosion resistant steels.

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  • Tubular Products & Casting

    The research and development for advanced tubular products and those technologies are focused on oil country tubular goods (OCTGs), linepipes, tubes for automotive applications and etc., promptly responding customer’s demands for the environmental requirements and higher functionalities.

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  • Stainless Steel

    Our pursuit for the ultimate potential of ferritic stainless steels leads to realization of the world highest properties amongst entire stainless steels as well as highly efficient production processes.

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  • Iron Powder & Magnetic Materials

    Further exploiting iron- and steelmaking processes, JFE Steel produces iron powder and develops new products for more advanced sintered parts, improving the alloying design flexibility and preventing the powder segregation.

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Process Technology

  • Environmental Process

    Our research and development of reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions and recycling resources are committed to accomplishing the environment friendly iron- and steelmaking processes.

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  • Ironmaking

    Ironmaking Research Department is in charge of development on ironmaking processes that can contribute to environment-friendly and resource-saving production.

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  • Steelmaking

    Steelmaking Research Department is developing steelmaking processes for cast steels and final steel products with high quality and excellent properties. Experimental simulators and numerical simulations are fully utilized in the steelmaking research.

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  • Slag & Refractories

    In steel manufacturing, inorganic materials have important role in the process. Slag & Refractories Research Department is developing; 1) effective utilization of ferrous slag which is an oxides by-product from steel manufacturing process, and 2) refractory technology to elongate lining life and save process energy.

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  • Rolling & Processing

    As the latest steel production requires exquisite rolling and processing technologies, JFE Steel implements the state-of-the-art process technologies in its full-scale production facilities, improving its steel manufacturing process.

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Common Fundamental Technologies

  • Joining & Strength

    We develop the ingenious technologies and products for welding and joining to offer customers utilizing JFE’s steel products with assurance and efficiency.

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  • Analysis & Characterization

    JFE Steel is in the vanguard of chemical analysis and micro-beam analysis techniques, which are indispensable to the research and development of modern steel materials and processes.

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  • Material Surface & Interface Science

    We pioneer the scientific approach to acquire the technologies for corrosion & protection and prevention of hydrogen embrittlement, elucidating the mechanisms of interfacial reactions yielding to corrosion and hydrogen intrusion causing embrittlement.

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  • Instrument & Control Engineering

    The development and implementation of the creative sensing and controlling systems distinguish JFE’s cutting-edge manufacturing processes and logistics planning, establishing the customer satisfaction with our products and services.

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  • Mechanical Engineering

    Our undertakings of integrating machine elements and using advanced mechanical technologies contribute to innovate manufacturing processes and improve in productivity and quality of steels.

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  • Civil Engineering

    JFE Steel develops the civil engineering technologies for improving earthquake resistance and disaster prevention, design and construction, and steel materials application, assigned to protect the environment and construct the social infrastructure with safety and security.

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  • Numerical Simulation

    The endeavor to practically apply our state-of-the-art simulation techniques, in the fields of thermal fluid, structural and computational materials science, makes important contributions in the development of new production processes, evaluation and application technologies of materials.

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Solution Facilities

  • A new base for EVI* activities in the automotive field CSL Customer Solution Lab

    The Customer Solution Lab (CSL) is a collaborative testing and research facility that promotes technical communication between customers and researchers

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  • 【West Japan】 A base for EVI activities for automotive and heavy thick steel stru ctures CCF Customer’s Center Fukuyama

    CCF (Customer’s Center Fukuyama) is a collaborative testing and research facility for automotive and heavy thick steel structures. JFE Steel opened this facility to promote collaborative research for the specialists between customers and JFE Steel

    Details here (PDF 1.06MB)