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News Release


JFE Steel Signs Long-term Agreement with ZAG
to Supply Granulated Blast-furnace Slag as Raw Material for Cement
—Will help to lower environmental impact of cement production—
JFE Steel Launches Facility to Test Steel Materials for Liquid Ammonia Tanks
JFE Steel to Expand Use of Waste Plastic by Building Major Recycling Facility
JFE Steel Launches Breakout Detection System for Continuous Casters
Launch of Collaborative Study for Utilization of CO2-Free Hydrogen
at the Mizushima Industrial Complex
First Transformers Made with JGreeX Green Steel to be Produced in Europe
KEPCO and JFE Steel sign Memorandum of Understanding to jointly study possible projects for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Projects
JFE Steel Receives Certification for Steel Plate Products
Under Japan’s “EcoLeaf” Environmental Product Declaration Program
JFE Steel Receives World Steel Association’s Safety and Health Excellence
Recognition for Second Consecutive Year
“JGreeX” Green Steel Selected by Sumitomo Corporation for its New Office Building in Tokyo
Will mark initial application of JFE Steel’s green steel in the real estate and construction industries
JFE Steel and IBM Japan to Market J-mAIster® Fault Recovery Support Solution
JFE Steel Develops Cleaning Robot for Harsh Operating Conditions —
Reduces Burden on Human Workers and Improves Safety and Productivity
About the joint venture agreement to establish a joint venture company in India
to manufacture grain-oriented electrical steel with JSW Steel Limited
JFE Steel’s J-TerraPlate, Large and Heavy Steel Plate, Chosen for Wind Power Project
JFE Commences New Phase of Testing of Steel Material Transport
Using Automated Heavy-Duty Vehicles at Kurashiki Site
JFE Steel’s New “FLExB® Welding” Method Improving Fatigue Resistance of Steel Structures
JFE Steel, Itochu, Emirates Steel Arkan & Abu Dhabi Ports Group
Sign MOU to Establish a Supply Chain of Ferrous Raw Material
for Green Ironmaking with Low Carbon Emission
JFE Steel successfully demonstrates energy-saving, reduced-emissions coke furnace
redesigned with digital twin for optimized combustion
JFE Steel’s R&D into Line Pipe for Transporting High-pressure Hydrogen Gas
Selected for Nippon Foundation—DeepStar Joint Project
Large Cargo Ships to be Made Exclusively with JFE Steel’s JGreeX Green Steel
—Collaboration with shippers aimed at sharing CO2-reduction costs across society—
JFE Steel’s JGreeX Green Steel Selected by Tsuneishi Shipbuilding
for Construction of Hydrogen-fueled Tugboats
—JFE Steel to start supplying from September 2023—
Agreed on Joint Evaluation with JFE Steel Corporation
to Establish CCS Value Chain Originated from Japan Aligned with CCS Study in Malaysia
About the basic agreement to establish a joint venture company in India
to manufacture grain-oriented electrical steel with JSW Steel Limited
JFE Steel formally decides to further expand electrical steel sheet capacity
of Kurashiki facility
JFE Steel to Begin Supplying JGreeX Green Steel in Current Fiscal Year
JFE Steel’s Chiba District Facility to Produce Stainless Steel with Electric-arc Furnace
JFE Steel Recognized as 2023 Steel Sustainability Champion
JFE Steel Develops Thin, Fatigue-resistant Steel for Increased Bridge Safety
JFE Steel to further expand electrical steel sheet capacity in Kurashiki facility
JFE Steel Completes Acquisition of ISO 45001 Certification
for All Works in Japan
JFE Steel Resumes Operating No. 6 Blast Furnace at East Japan Works (Chiba)
2023 New Year’s Message