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Innovative Solutions for Your Business Needs.


  • 2024.01.26Website release
  • 2024.01.26Introducing 6 types of solutions

JFE Steel’s Solution Business

JFE Steel provides various customers with the technologies
developed in-house to improve our production efficiency, improve labor productivity,
manufacture high value-added products, and reduce environmental impact.


Improving production efficiency
of labor productivity
of high
value-added products
Reduction of environmental impact

Solution Business

Advanced monitoring of electric power systems such as electrical substations
Smart maintenance technology for electric substation facilities
Our partial discharge analysis technology constantly monitors various power receiving and distribution facilities to detect signs of failure.
Controlling water in powder such as ore
Technology to prevent the slurrying of bulk materials
This technology prevents the slurrying of ores, etc. that tend to go into a slurry state due to moisture adhesion, by adding chemicals to modify their properties.
Data Science
Temperature measurement technology that is less affected by emissivity variations
This instrument reduces measurement errors due to emissivity variations, which have plagued the measurement using conventional radiation thermometers.
Metal oxide film deposition for next-generation solar cells
Electron transport layer deposition technology for organic solar cells
The electron transport layer deposition, which previously took several hours, can now be done in a matter of seconds and reducing deposition cost as well.
Negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries (LiB)
Technology for suppressing negative electrode material swelling during charge and discharge
(JFE Chemical Corporation)
Suppresses the negative electrode swelling during charge and discharge, greatly improving the cycle characteristics of LiB.
Visualize compressed air or gas leaks in piping and flanges
Gas Leak Viewer “MK-750ST”
(JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.)
The device detects a gas leak in piping, etc., and indicates the leak location on the camera image with a superimposed sound pressure map.
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