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Process for Solution


Process for Solution 01 ─ License

FE Steel Group introduces patents that meet the customer’s needs from among more than 10,000 patents owned by the JFE Steel Group, and provides licensing under those patents.* If necessary, we can also provide Technical Assistance (TA).
Licensing Process

Process for Solution 02 ─ Technical Cooperation

Technical Assistance (TA)
Beginning from consultation on each of the customer’s problems, JFE Steel provides Technical Assistance (TA) after fact-finding to confirm the actual situation. We can also respond to requests for further improvement after TA is completed.
Technical Assistance (TA) Process

Process for Solution 03 ─ Digital Products

Digital Product Supply
Various digital solutions developed by JFE Steel are provided in response to the customer’s requests.
First, Proof of Concept (PoC; demonstration and verification) is carried out, and after the customer approves the results, the technology is provided via the cloud, or the system is implemented on the customer’s premises (on-premises). Our information security management system has received certification under the international standard ISO 27001.
Digital Product Supply Process

Process for Solution 04 ─ Correspondence

JFE Steel Group companies
We provide total solutions, integrating the specialized technologies of JFE Steel and JFE Group companies, which each have distinctive features.
JFE Steel Group integrates our specialized technologies and provides total solutions.
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