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Products & Technology

EVERHARDTM Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate

For important parts and materials in construction,
mining, and transport machinery

JFE Steel's abrasion-resistant EVERHARD™ steel plate has found widespread application for important parts and materials in construction, mining, and transport machinery ever since 1955, when the company began production and sales, as a pioneer in abrasion-resistant steels. JFE offers a diverse lineup of products in a wide range of sizes to suit almost any need. To help customers take best advantage of EVERHARD™, we also formulated guidelines for how to work with it.



  • Approx. 3 to 6 times more abration resistant than normal steel
  • Enables longer life and lighter weight of important parts
  • JFE Steel contributes to the environmment with EVERHARD™
  • Helps the environment by conserving natural resorces
  • Helps customers by lowering their costs
  • Impproved low-temperature toughness enables use in extremely cold conditions
  • Good weldability and workability enables more efficient manufacturing
  • Offering total solutions including detailed processing guidelines

JFE offers this steel plate in a wide variety of types and sizes, enabling selection of the optimum grade for different kinds of abrasive environments.

Standard Series (5 types)
  • Priority is on surface hardness, with minimal addition of alloying elements to the chemical composition.
  • Available in 340 HB hardness grade with good formability, in very thick abrasion-resistant plate of thickness up to 160 mm
  • Available in 500 HB hardness grade plate, optimized for abrasion resistance of simple-shaped parts
High Toughness Series (3 types)
  • Guaranteed toughness at temperatures as low as –40°C, ideal for applications in very cold environments or where strong impacts occur.
  • Also equipped with high weld crack resistance by controlling the upper limit of equivalent carbon content (Ceq)
  • Alloy composition is designed to ensure enhanced internal hardness
Super Abrasion-Resistant Steel Plate
  • Very high abrasion-resistance, superior to that of 500 HB hardness grade, without any loss of weldability or formability
  • A JFE "Only1" product
Type Brand name Thickness(mm) Brinell surface hardness
Charpy impact properties
Charpy absorbed energy(J)
EVERHARD-C340 38〜160 340±30 ーーー ーーー
EVERHARD-C400 5~101.6 400±30
EVERHARD-C450 5~101.6 450±25
EVERHARD-C500 5~101.6 500±40
EVERHARD-C550 6~32 550±40
EVERHARD-C600 6~25.4 600±40
High Toughness
EVERHARD-C400LE 5~101.6 400±30 -40 ≧27
EVERHARD-C450LE 5〜50.8 450±25 -40 ≧27
50.9~80 410~475
EVERHARD-C500LE 5〜50.8 500±40 -40 ≧27
50.9~80 450~540
Super Grade EVERHARD-SP 5〜65 ≧401 ーーー ーーー


Examples of Product Characteristics

Results of abrasion-resistance testing

Examples of Applications