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Products & Technology


The standard in rust-stabilizing surface treatment
for atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel

CUPTEN COAT™M is a rust-stabilizing surface treatment for atmospheric corrosion-resistant steels that offers many performance benefits. With a single application, this paint prevents the staining that occurs due to the formation of watery rust on initial exposure in corrosive atmospheric environments, to ensure excellent appearance, enabling bridges to retain an attractive color. While CUPTEN COAT™AQUA offers the same rust-stabilization performance as CUPTEN COAT™M, it boasts 80% lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions to make it more friendly to the environment.


Features of CUPTEN COAT™M

1.Excellent workability
  • Only requires a single coating (one application)
  • Can be used as an undercoat/simplifies product blast processing
  • Eliminates the need for difficult chemical treatments and water rinsing processes
2.Very environment-friendly
  • Completely free of chromium and lead compounds (for compliance with green purchasing policies for public works projects)
  • Visual harmony with the surrounding environment (excellent rust outflow prevention and attractive appearance is maintained for a very long time)
3.Excellent rust stabilization
  • Dense, continuous rust layer formation (creates a protective rust shield)
  • Suitable for environments with high levels of airborne salt (with steel resistant to sea water environments)


On top of all the features and functions offered by CUPTEN COAT™M, CUPTEN COAT™ AQUA also greatly reduces VOC emissions, for an even more environment-friendly product.