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Products & Technology


The standard in rust-stabilizing surface treatment
for atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel

CUPTEN COAT™M has a lot of application results as a rust-stabilizing surface treatment for atmospheric corrosion-resistant steels. With one time application, this paint prevents watery rust on steel surface, enabling bridges to retain attractive appearance. While CUPTEN COAT™AQUA offers the same rust-stabilization performance as CUPTEN COAT™M, it boasts 80% lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions to make it more friendly to the environment.


Features of CUPTEN COAT™M

1.Excellent workability
  • Only requires a single coating (one application)
  • Can be used as a pre-coating/simplifies product blast processing
  • Eliminates the need for difficult chemical treatments and water rinsing processes
2. Excellent environmental friendliness
  • Completely free of chromium and lead compounds (for compliance with green purchasing policies for public works projects)
  • Visual harmony with the surrounding environment (excellent rust outflow prevention and attractive appearance is maintained for a very long time)
3.Excellent rust stabilization
  • Dense, continuous rust layer formation (creates a protective rust shield)
  • Suitable for environments with high levels of airborne salt (with steel resistant to sea water environments)


On top of all the features and functions offered by CUPTEN COAT™M, CUPTEN COAT™ AQUA also greatly reduces VOC emissions, for an even more environment-friendly product.