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Products & Technology


Early rust-stabilizing type surface treatment

e-RUS™ is a rust-stabilizing surface treatment for atmospheric corrosion-resistant steels, which preferentially enables the formation of a dense, protective rust shield.
Applying e-RUS™ to atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel prevents the formation of "rust outflow" and shortens the period of color unevenness that occurs before protective rust is formed.



1.Early formation of protective rust shield
  • Greater atmospheric corrosion-resistance is achieved sooner
  • Period of color unevenness is shortened

2.Treatment agent is environment-friendly
  • Completely free of chromium and lead compounds
  • Visual harmony with the surrounding environment (rust outflow prevention, natural color change and harmoniously and attractive appearance maintained for a very long time)

3.Highly economical
  • Enables long service life without repeated treatment when used with an atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel suited to the environment
  • Reduces LCC (Life Cycle Cost) = Initial cost + Maintenance/repair cost

4.Excellent workability
easy engineering)
  • Can be used as a pre-coating/simplifies product blast processing
  • Eliminates the need for difficult chemical treatments and water rinsing processes

Examples of Applications

Exterior view of a monument treated with e-RUS™. Since this monument is located very close to the sea (30 m away) and close to citizen’s homes, it was made using JFE-ACL490 Type 2 Ni Type high atmospheric corrosion resistant steel plates treated with e-RUS™ to ensure an attractive visual appearance. The exterior has maintained a very uniform look since it was installed, without any unsightly rust stains caused by outflow.