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JFE's diverse range of steel plate products help
to make our world a better place.

JFE's diverse range of steel plate products help to make our world a better place. Ship BuildingJFE makes a substantial contribution to the advancement of shipping with its HITEN(hight-tensile strength) steel plate for shipbuilding and a wide assortment of other high-performance steel plate products, to meet practically any strength, thickness, or size requirement. Building ConstructionJFE produces building materials tailored to the needs of society, by meeting increasingly stringent requirements for improving earthquake-resistance, reducing constrution costs, and for environmental friendliness. Bridge constructionJFE develops high-performance steel plate that enables bridges to be constructed lighter and more durably, as well as more efficiently and economically. Civil Engineering and
  Industrial Machinery
JFE Steel provides high quality steel products used in storage tanks, power plants and other energy-related facilities, including both development of resources such as petroleum, natural gas, etc. and new energy. Energy industryJFE offers a wide-ranging lineup of steel plate products repuired for construction machinery, industrial machinery, transportation epuipment, and mining equipment. Offshore Wind PowerHigh quality to support large-scale offshore wind turbines over many years, and a line-up of heavy-thickness, highstrength steel plates and large unit weight plates in the “J-TerraPlate™” series.