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Ship Building

Steel plate for shipbuilding needs to have exceptional strength and weldability. Using its industry-leading TMCP (Thermo Mechanical Control Process) technology, JFE Steel manufactures a broad range of high-quality, HITEN (high-tensile strength) steel plate to meet virtually any strength grade, thickness, and size requirement.
Furthermore, to address the need to build lighter ships, improve construction efficiency, and lower life cycle cost, JFE Steel also develops and commercializes a variety of special, high-performance, steel plate products.

Ship Building

Steel plate for super-sized container ships

To improve transport efficiency, container ships are getting bigger at an increasingly rapid rate. Ultra large container ships of 20,000 TEU (twenty feet equivalent unit) level are now being constructed. However, the construction of such large-scale ships requires very thick steel plate, which results in a heavier hull and lower welding work efficiency. To address this challenge, JFE Steel has developed its highest strength grade of HITEN (high-tensile strength) steel EH47 or steel plate for high-heat input welding, which are now being increasingly utilized with great success. It is also offering high crack-arrestability steel plate tailored to the design safety needs of huge container ships.

Addressing the diverse needs of the ship building industry

In order to reduce life cycle cost, JFE Steel also developed highly corrosion-resistant steel plate products. These include JFE-SIP™-OT for crude oil tankers, JFE-SIP™-BT for ballast tanks, and JFE-SIP™-CC for coal cargo holds.
In addition, JFE Steel manufactures LP (longitudinal profile) steel plate that eliminates the need for seam welding, making it possible to both increase construction efficiency and reduce the weight of the hull, Clad steel plate for chemical tankers, and various other products boasting special features.

Ship Building