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Products & Technology

Corrosion Resistant Steel Plate for Shipbuilding

Corrosion Resistant Steel JFE-SIP™-OT1
for Cargo Oil Tanks

This steel plate effectively prevents corrosion of the bottom plates of cargo oil tanks, so it can be used without painting. This cuts the substantial cost of painting and also helps to reduce environmental pollution.


Examples of Product Characteristics

In tests of the acid resistance* of the bottom plate of cargo oil tanks in a simulated environment, this steel plate is demonstrated to have far higher acid resistance than conventional steel, allowing around 10 times less corrosion.
※IMO Resolution MSC.289(87)

Acid resistance test results

Corrosion Resistant Steel JFE-SIP™-CC for Coal Cargo Holds

The steel plate used for the cargo holds of coal transport ships are subject to severe corrosion due to the sulfuric acid originating in the sulfur contained in the coal.
JFE developed a special steel plate to suppress corrosion due to dilute sulfuric acid, by adding tiny amounts of constituents to create an optimal alloy. This remarkable material is being widely adopted for this application.

Examples of Product Characteristics

Corrosion resistance mechanism

The alloy elements added to the steel plate act to block the factors that initiate corrosion.

Corrosion test results

Effectiveness is confirmed by a corrosion test in a simulated coal environment.

Corrosion Resistant Steel JFE-SIP™-BT for Ballast Tanks

The ballast tanks of ships, which hold sea water, are highly corrosive environments. The surface coating of the tanks are therefore subject to severe deterioration.
This coated corrosion-resistant plate steel for ballast tanks prevents coating from degradation through the action of the steel's alloy constituents.The useful service life before the coating needs replacement is extended, greatly reducing life cycle cost. Metal loss due to corrosion is also reduced.

Examples of Product Characteristics

Corrosion prevention mechanism of developed steel plate

The alloy elements added to the steel plate act to block the factors that initiate corrosion, thereby preventing deterioration of the paint coating.

Coating deterioration and corrosion reduction after 5 years of exposure

The performance of the steel was verified by an exposure test in the ballast tank of an actual ship. After almost five years there was little deterioration of the coating and the extent of metal loss around cracks was minimal.