No.20 March 2015 - Special Issue on “Steel Plates” and “Welding and Joining”

Coating Deterioration and Corrosion Behavior of Ship Using Corrosion Resistant Steel for Ballast Tank “JFE-SIPTM-BT”

SHIOTANI Kazuhiko      NAKAMURA Masayoshi


The corrosion resistant steel for ballast tank “JFE-SIPTM-BT”, which prolongs coating life by preventing coating deterioration, has been developed. The developed steel has been applied to ballast tanks of a very large ore carrier (VLOC). This paper reports evaluation results on coating deterioration and corrosion behavior of the developed steel after 5-year use. The parts applied were upper deck plates and longitudinal members of upper deck of ballast tanks. Doubling plates were welded to upper deck plates of ballast tanks and were coated simultaneously with the upper deck plates. The coating deteriorated area, corrosion depth and corrosion volume of the developed steel were 75%, 84%, and 58% of those of the conventional steel, respectively. The deteriorated length at the edge of longitudinal members in the developed steel was about 65% of that in the conventional steel. The prevention effect of coating deterioration by the developed steel was confirmed under the actual ballast tank condition.

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