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Products & Technology

Ni Type High Atmospheric-Corrosion Resistant Steel Plate

Suitable for harsh environments with high levels
of airborne salt

General atmospheric corrosion-resistant grades of steel (JIS G3144) cannot be used where there is any substantial amount of airborne salt or close to sea coast environments. JFE-ACL is a highly atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel with added nickel that demonstrates excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion in harsh environments where the airborne salt level exceeds 0.05 mdd (mdd = 1 mg/dm2/day). It can therefore be used even without painting, thereby greatly reducing the life cycle cost of bridges and enabling minimal maintenance.

Shinkoji-ohashi bridge
(Niigata prefecture)


  • Usable without painting, due to excellent atmospheric corrosion-resistance, even in environments with high levels of airborne salt
  • Minimal initial rust outflow results in a more attractive appearance
  • Mechanical properties are guaranteed to be equivalent to JIS G3114 (SMA atmospheric corrosion-resistant hot-rolled steel for welded structures)
  • Low carbon content and composition offering low vulnerability to weld cracking, for excellent weldability and weld joint performance
  • Wide range of products suitable for all kinds of salt-air environments, designed to provide economic benefit
  • Type 1 is a standard 1.5Ni-Mo steel; Type 2 is a 2.5Ni steel for high-salt environments

Examples of Product Characteristics

Results of plate thickness reduction from exposure testing
Rust color

For applications where consideration is given to visual appearance, e.g., by preventing rust outflow, consider the use of CUPTEN COAT™, a rust-stabilizing surface treatment for atmospheric corrosion-resistant steels (protective rust maturation), or e-RUS™ (protective rust acceleration).