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Energy Industry

Energy development requires a number of facilities, beginning with facilities for extraction of natural resources, represented by petroleum and natural gas, production, transportation and storage facilities, and the refineries and power plants that use those resources. In addition, use of “new energy,” such as hydrogen and ammonia, will also be promoted in the future with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality. In the offshore wind power field, monopiles and jackets are already used as support structures for large-scale wind turbines that will be used for long periods.
Utilizing the world’s most advanced material technologies and production equipment, JFE Steel is responding to the needs of society by developing high quality steel plates that are required in these areas of the energy sector.

New steel plates for larger-scale supply of offshore wind power

In Japan and other countries, progressively larger-scale wind turbines are being introduced to supply offshore wind power.
In this field, JFE Steel’s lineup includes high quality heavy-gauge/high strength steel plates for use in the monopiles that support these large-scale wind turbines, and the large unit weight steel plate J-TerraPlate™, which makes it possible to reduce the number of welds in fabrication. These products contribute to the promotion of the introduction of offshore wind power.

Energy Industry
Energy Industry

Steel plate for offshore structures

The development of natural resources involves many large-scale offshore structures. The steels used for their construction need to be very strong and very safe. JFE Steel offers a wide-ranging lineup of steel plate for offshore structures that meets the need for exceptional fracture toughness.

A variety of steel plate products for energy facilities

As energy storage tanks and the pressure tanks used in refineries become larger and larger, the steel used to construct them must be increasingly strong and thick. The JFE-HITEN Series of steel plate products provides excellent weldability for tank fabrication and boast a strong track record of performance in many applications. JFE Steel also manufactures steel plate for extremely thick pressure vessels made of carbon steel and Cr-Mo alloy steel. This plate boasts a robust inner quality and is available in thicknesses up to 200 mm. JFE Steel's clad steel plate, offering excellent corrosion resistance, is widely used in refinery processes.

JFE also produces high-quality steel plate for hydroelectric and thermal power plants. The steel plate used to make the penstocks for hydroelectric power generators needs to possess both outstanding toughness as well as very good weldability, because welding is performed under very severe conditions. JFE Steel offers this steel plate in a wide range of strength grades, ranging from a tensile strength 570 to 980 N/mm2. For thermal power stations, JFE Steel also manufactures Cr-Mo alloy steel plate for high-temperature use, including a special 9% Cr steel for boilers.

Energy Industry