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Steel Pipe for Transportation

Comprehensive Manufacturer of Pipe for Oil and Natural Gas Transportation

JFE Steel is a comprehensive manufacturer of seamless, UEO, and ERW steel pipe for pipelines used to transport oil and natural gas from the point of production to points of consumption, with the capacity to offer these products in a wide variety of materials and sizes to suit specific applications. These include a selection of distinctive products such as high-strength line pipe for very large-scale pipelines, highly deformable steel pipe for severe environments (HIPER®), Mighty Seam® steel pipe that offers higher reliability than conventional ERW steel pipe, and martensitic stainless steel line pipe used in corrosive environments.

Types and Features

Highly Deformable Steel Pipe HIPER®(UOE)

This line pipe, designed for use in areas prone to earthquakes and discontinuous permafrost, ensures sufficient deformation to prevent damage from local buckling and circumferential welds as a result of pipe deformation due to ground movement.

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High-Strength Line Pipe

This line pipe, typically of X80 grade, meets the need for thicker-walled steel line pipe to cope with higher transportation pressures and larger diameters. JFE Steel actively pursues R&D not only on materials but also to develop pipeline design technology and technology relating to the use and assessment of pipelines. We also plan to expand the range of applications of these products.

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Sour-Resistant Line Pipe

This sour-resistant line pipe, used in environments in which hydrogen sulfide (H2S ) is present, is made by controlling the quantity and form of sulfur (S) in the steel.

Mighty Seam®ERW Steel Pipe

Mighty Seam® dramatically improves the reliability of ERW steel pipe, through innovations in materials manufacturing technology and in nondestructive testing of seam welds. These technologies enable the key advantages of ERW steel pipe - high dimensional precision and high toughness - to be exploited in the design of pipelines.

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Martensitic Stainless Steel for Pipelines (SML)

JFE Steel has developed martensitic stainless steel as a material that offers good CO2 gas corrosion resistance, as well as lower cost than duplex stainless steel. Taking advantage of our excellent steelmaking technology to reduce the amount of C and N, improve weldability, and fine-tune alloy composition, we have successfully developed seamless martensitic stainless steel pipe for pipelines that features outstanding weldability and corrosion resistance.