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JFE Steel Corporation, one business segment of JFE group, is a world leading steel making company in Japan.
Under the policy of prioritizing the global environment and human safety,
JFE Steel Corporation produces various steel products based on the worldwide superior quality control system and certified to ISO 9001 and API Q1 standards.
JFE Steel Corporation has the world's most innovative technology,
processing equipment and promotes R&D challenges.
JFE Steel Corporation's facilities include 2 integrated Steelworks-one in Western Japan;
West Japan Works (Fukuyama) and (Kurashiki), the other in Eastern Japan near Tokyo;
East Japan Works (Chiba) and (Keihin),
and specialized pipe and tube production mill in middle Japan (Chita Works).
JFE Line Pipe is manufactured at these works in high volume, and high quality.
Products available include UOE (Straight seam double submerged arc welded pipe),
HFW (High frequency welded Pipe), SMLS (Seamless pipe) and many other products made by various manufacturing processes.
This catalogue introduces JFE Line Pipe made by each of these processes,
with information on material preparation, pipe manufacturing, testing & inspection, coating and shipping.

Features of JFE Line Pipe

1 Package Supply Available in Wide Size Range and Large Quantity

JFE Line Pipe can be supplied as UOE Pipe, High Frequency Welded (HFW) Pipe and
Seamless Pipe (SMLS) varieties available in a wide size range and in large quantity.

UOE : available from 16in. up to 64in. OD (world's largest)
HFW : available up to 26in. OD, with wall thickness up to 1in. (world's largest)
SMLS : available up to 16-3/4in. OD

2 Excellent Quality and Abundant Variety

JFE can supply superior Quality High strength, High Toughness, Homogeneous material and Corrosion Resistant Line Pipes for various special service such as offshore and sour services.

UOE line pipe can be supplied as high strength line pipe up to Grade X100, and high toughness line pipe for low-temperature services and corrosive gas or crude oil service.
HFW line pipe can be supplied as high strength API grade line pipe up to 5L X80, and high grade line pipe for sour gas service and offshore service.
SMLS line pipe can be supplied with corrosion resistant alloy pipe (weldable12% Cr Line Pipe) and high strength API grade line pipe up to 5L X80 for crude oil, gas, water and slurry service.


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