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Nondestructive Inspection


Nondestructive Inspection Equipment

Nondestructive inspection is an integral part of pipe production.
The table below lists the various types of nondestructive inspection equipment for the purpose of reliable pipe quality.

  Main Nondestructive Inspection Equipment for Welded Line Pipe
Application Inspection Method Name of Equipment Number of units Location
UOE Ultrasonic inspection Plate UST 1 Fukuyama
1 Kurashiki
1 Keihin
Weld UST 3 Fukuyama
2 Chiba
Radiographic inspection X-Ray inspection facility 3 Fukuyama
1 Chiba
Pipe-end X-Ray inspection facility 2 Fukuyama
1 Chiba
Magnetic particle inspection Magnetic particle inspection facility 2 Fukuyama
2 Chiba
HFW Ultrasonic inspection Coil UST 1 Keihin
Weld UST 2 Keihin
3 Chita
Full body UST 2 Chita
Eddy current inspection Eddy current tester 1 Chita
Magnetic particle inspection Magnetic particle inspection facility 1 Chita
Seamless Ultrasonic inspection Full body UST 6 Chita
End area UST 1
Electromagnetic inspection Full body EMT 5 Chita
Eddy current inspection Full body Eddy current tester 4 Chita
Magnetic particle inspection Full body MPI 3 Chita
End area MPI 3


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