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Oil Well Casings for Drilling

Developing Everything from High-strength, Highly Corrosion-resistant Oil Well Casing to Special Screws

JFE Steel manufactures a variety of steel pipe products necessary for the development, extraction, and production of oil and natural gas. We develop the high-strength, highly corrosion-resistant oil well casings used when extracting petroleum and natural gas from offshore oil and gas fields, as well as special screws compatible with these oil well casings. Through steel pipe products equipped with advanced capabilities, we contribute to the safe and efficient development and production of energy resources.

Types and Features

High-Strength High-Corrosion Resistance Oil Well Casings

JFE Steel’s oil well casings are available in a series of high-strength, highly corrosion-resistant oil well casings that utilize the special characteristics of martensitic stainless steel. These casings are available in a wide range of materials, according to the application environment. In addition to regular 13% Cr steel, this pipe is made from JFE-HP1-13CR and JFE-HP2-13CR, for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance, and from JFE-UHP®-15CR, which can be used in environments in which duplex stainless steel has been typically used.

Special Fittings

For the screw joints that connect the oil well casings used in deep oil wells and natural gas wells, high joint strength and excellent scalability are required. JFE Steel supplies own unique joints - FOX®, JFEBEAR®, JFETIGER®, and JFELION® - to meet a wide range of on-site needs.