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JFE Steel Pipe

As Japan’s first manufacturer of steel pipe,
JFE Steel is a pioneering developer of a wide variety of steel pipe products created through unremitting technological innovation. We address the needs of all kinds of industries with lineups of carbon steel and stainless steel products optimized for specific applications and available in a wide range of sizes.

Pickup Products

  • Mighty Seam
  • API X80-Grade Conductor Casing
  • NEO Press

Technical Details

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JFE Group Companies Producing Steel Pipe

Company name Outline Main products and business
JFE Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Core JFE Group company for spiral steel business, boasting the largest spiral steel pipe manufacturing plant and steel pipe column manufacturing plants in the industry Fabrication and assembly of steel pipe piles, steel pipe sheet piles, and coated steel pipe for water works
JFE Welded Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd Manufacturing processes for round, angle, rectangular steel pipe and mainly manufactures steel pipe for mechanical structures , mostly for automotive parts (final demand).
Its main role in the JFE Group is as an electric resistance welded steel pipe manufacturer for structural and mechanical structural applications.
Carbon steel pipe for general construction, angle steel pipe for general construction, carbon steel pipe for cold drawing, carbon steel pipe for mechanical structures, alloy steel pipe for mechanical structures, carbon steel pipe for plumbing, carbon steel pipe for high-pressure services, material pipes, columns, products conforming to overseas standards (ASTM, BS, DIN)
JFE Tubic Corporation Processing of special joints and PUP joints for oil well pipe in 13% Cr steel. Manufactures special steel pipe, e.g., insulated double-pipe for hot springs in Japan and geothermal wells, slit pipe, and original design casings. Manufacture of couplings for oil well pipe and special steel pipe for hot springs, geothermal, civil engineering works, and building materials, steel pipe threading, slits, hole processing, cutting, hot springs drilling, etc.
River Steel Co., Ltd. Sale of general steel, civil engineer material products for roads and buildings, steel plate fusion cutting, welding, machining, and cold-drawing of steel pipe. Sale and processing of general steel and steel pipe, steel processing (medium-thickness steel plate shearing, fusion cutting, welded structures, machining), steel pipe processing (cold-drawing), construction for bridges and steel structures.
Galvatex Corporation Hot dip galvanizing as well as polyethylene powder coating and painting to produce coated steel pipe. Zinc coating for various kinds of steel structures, zinc coating of steel pipe and steel materials, various kinds of painted steel pipe, various kinds of powder coating
JFE Shoji Pipe&Fitting Trade Corporation Sale of steel pipe and various kinds of joints for blast furnaces and smelters. Steel pipe for plumbing, steel pipe for special applications, general steel pipe for general construction, cast iron pipe, resin pipe, cast iron pipe, copper pipe, SUS pipe, metal pipe joints, resin pipe joints, valves, flanges, etc.