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High-efficiency press bend
NEO Press®

Our original press bending plant improves efficiency of thick-walled
high-strength steel pipe production

NEO Press

JFE Steel has conducted extensive R&D on large-diameter welded steel pipe, to develop high-strength, thick-walled steel pipe with excellent low-temperature toughness, for example. To facilitate the manufacture of high-strength, thick-walled steel pipe, we streamlined the forming process, utilizing our “NEO Press®” press bending method, while to meet more stringent low-temperature toughness requirements, we developed a new welding process that enhances the toughness of welded steel. The result is a high-efficiency, high-quality manufacturing system. The products created using this manufacturing technology for high-strength, thick-walled steel pipe are now being adopted to meet the high-grade steel pipe needs of large-scale projects by international oil majors.


Steel pipes manufactured using NEO Press

Photo: Steel pipes manufactured using
NEO Press®

  • High-strength, thick-walled steel pipe made using a unique forming process
  • Meets the need for low-temperature toughness thanks to a new welding process
  • Suitable for high-grade steel pipe applications under a wide range of conditions


Applications requiring high-grade steel pipe under a wide range of conditions