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Special Steel Sheet & Strip

JFE Steel Corporation produces various types of special steel sheets under an integrated quality control system using modern facilities mainly in Chiba
and Keihin Area of East Japan Works. JFE’s special steel products support technical innovation and improved productivity at customers, and have won
an excellent reputation for high dimensional accuracy, quenchability, and workability.


  • Uniform quality
    • Integrated operation control and highly computerized production processes ensure a
      high level of uniformity in product quality.
  • High dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality
    • JFE’s production plants boast some of the world’s most advanced steelmaking, hot
      rolling, and cold rolling equipment, ensuring high dimensional accuracy and outstanding
      surface quality.
  • Wide product line
    • A wide range of steel grades and product dimensions are available to meet diverse
      customer requirements.
  • Strict quality control and inspection system
    • All products can be used with confidence thanks to scientific quality control and strict
      testing and inspection.
      (JFE’s steel sheet production system is certified under ISO 9001.)

Manufacturing process

Continuous caster
Continuous caster
Cold Rolling Mill
Cold Rolling Mill


Carbon steels for machine structure

Automotive clutch parts
Chain parts
Automotive seat belt parts
Springs and washers
Sprocket gears
Automotive AT parts

Carbon steels for machine
Alloy steels for machine structure

Automotive reclining seat gear parts
Door lock parts
Shock absorber

Alloy steels for machine structure
Alloy tool steels

Hand saws

Alloy tool steels
Carbon tool steels

Razor blades
Bearing parts

Carbon tool steels