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JFE Steel’s Stainless Steel Products

JFE Steel’s Stainless Steel Products

Features of JFE Stainless Steel

World’s only specialist manufacturer of chromium stainless steels.

JFE Steel is the world’s only integrated steel maker specialized in the production of
chromium (ferritic and martensitic)
stainless steels for stainless steel sheets.

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Lineup of sheet and plate with various grades

JFE Steel offers both stainless steel sheet and plate products in a wealth of different grades and sizes.
In addition to manufacturing to JIS, ASTM and other standards, JFE Steel also offers stainless steel products made to its own unique specifications.

Stainless steel sheets

Stainless steel plates

Any stainless steel
that perfectly
fit your needsChrome-boy

Products specially recommended by JFE Steel

JFE443CT (SUS443J1)

JFE443CT (SUS443J1)

A Ni-free, Mo-free eco-friendly stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance.