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  • 2012.12.17 About the licensing of our manufacturing technology for non-oriented magnetic steel sheets to JSW Steel in India


Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet JFE G-CORE

●Exhibits excellent magnetic properties in one direction (the rolling direction) of the steel sheet
●Features excellent magnetic properties, including high magnetic flux density, low iron loss, and low magnetostriction
●Typical applications: power transformers, distribution transformers, audio transformers, current and potential transformers, medium to large generators, reactors, and magnetic shields

Types of JFE G-CORE

JG is a standard grain-oriented electrical steel sheet.

JGH is a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet with excellent magnetic flux density and iron loss characteristics.

JGS is a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet with much better magnetic flux density even than JGH.

JGSD is a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet with heat-proof magnetic domains subdivided by grooves.With its excellent low iron loss characteristics,it is suitable for high-efficiency transformers,especially wound core applications.

JGSE is a non-heat resistant magnetic domain-refined grain-oriented electrical steel sheet. It is suitable for high-efficiency stacked core transformers with its excellent low iron loss.

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Product Catalog(PDF)