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  • 2012.12.17 About the licensing of our manufacturing technology for non-oriented magnetic steel sheets to JSW Steel in India

JFE's Electrical Steel Sheets

We live our daily lives surrounded by many types of electrical equipment, such as washing machines and air conditioners. Electrical steel sheets play an important role in this kind of electrical equipment, converting electricity to magnetism, and then into working energy. In recent years, high-performance and high-efficiency electrical equipment is in strongly demand from the viewpoint of environmental protection and reduction in CO2 emissions. Using the world’s most advanced technology, JFE Steel delivers quality electrical steel sheets while contributing to the conservation of the global environment.

JFE’s Product Lineup

JFE G-CORE is manufactured to exhibit excellent magnetic properties in one direction (the rolling direction) of a steel sheet.

JFE N-CORE is manufactured to obtain almost uniform and excellent magnetic properties in all directions of a steel sheet.

Super Core™ is a highest grade, non-oriented electrical steel sheet with outstanding magnetic properties at high frequencies.