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Typical application A wide lineup to meet the diverse needs of our customers

Our products are designed and manufactured according to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). However, we can also meet your other needs, such as compliance with SAE, AISI, DIN, and other international standards.
Standard grade Equivalent Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) Typical application
Carbon steels for machine structural use
S 10C to 58C
S 09CK to 20CK
JIS G 4051 Parts for automobiles, ships, precision machines, and electrical machines
Alloy steels for machine structural use
SMn 420 to 443
SMnC 420、443
SCr 415 to 440
SCM 415 to 822
SNCM220 to 815 (H)
JIS G 4052
JIS G 4053
Special parts for construction machines, automobiles, etc., high- tensile bolts, shafts, gears, and various chain pins and bushes
Alloy steel bolting materials for high temperature service
SNB 7, 16
JIS G 4107 High-temperature pressure vessel valve and coupling bolts
Spring steels
SUP 9, 12, 9A
JIS G 4801 Coil springs for automobiles, automobile stabilizers, and torsion bars
Free-cutting steels
22 to 31, 22L, 23L, 24L
1117, 1213, 1215, 12L14
1215M, 1215MU, 1215ML
JIS G 4804 and SAE (AISI) Parts for automobiles, electrical machines, and precision machines
High carbon chromium bearing steels
SUJ 2, SUJ 3
JIS G 4805 Bearings, pins, and machine parts
Boron steels
10 B21 to 10B38 KF10T
15 B23 to 15B41
S35BC, S40BC, S48BC
High-strength nuts and bolts, machine parts, and load chains
Free-cutting steels for machine structural use
(Carbon steels/alloy steels for machine structural use)
Free- cutting steel with lead Additional symbol Pb(%)
.....L1 00.04 to 0.09
.....L2 0.10 to 0.30
Sulfur free- cutting steel Additional symbol S(%)
.....S0 0.015 to 0.035
.....S1 0.040 to 0.070
.....S2 0.080 to 0.120
Construction machines, special parts for automobiles, etc., shafts, and gears
Microalloyed steel
NH45MV, NH48MV, S45CVS1, etc.
Cranks, for machine structure use, tie bars, and tie rods
Chrome-vanadium steels
S 32CC5V to 55CC4V
Machinist hand tools, various tools, cutlery, driver bits, and for machine structure use
Wires for high-strength hoops
Shear reinforcement for construction use
Piano wire rods
SWRS 62A, B to 87A, B
JIS G 3502 Piano wires, PC wires and PC stranded wires, oil-hardened and tempered wires,
and quality springs
Low carbon steel wire rods
SWRM 6K to 22K Iron wires, coated iron wires, annealed iron wires, nails, welded wire meshes, barbed wires, and deformed wires, Building metal fittings
High carbon steel wire rods
SWRH 27 to 37, 42A, B to 82A, B
JIS G 3506 Wire ropes, springs, spokes, spring washers, stranded steel wires, and steel wires
Carbon steels for cold heading Part 1: Wire rods
SWRCH 6A to 22A
10K to 50K
JIS G 3507-1 Nuts and bolts, small screws, small tacks, and other various machine parts
Rolled steel for general structure
SS 330~540
JIS G 3101 Foundation bolts for civil engineering and construction and for bridges,
Other general machine parts
Rolled carbon steel for cold-finished steel bars
1K to 4K, 3KM to 4KM
JIS G 3108 Parts for automobiles, machines, ships, and other general machines and shafts