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News Release

JFE Steel Corporation

JFE Steel win Order for 100,000 Tons of Line Pipe for Amberjack Pipeline Company LLC’s Jack & St. Malo Oil Export Pipeline Project

Tokyo --- JFE Steel Corporation, in cooperation with Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc., is awarded an order for approximately 100,000 tons of API X65-grade UOE line pipe* for Amberjack Pipeline Company LLC’s Jack & St. Malo oil export pipeline project in the Gulf of Mexico. Amberjack Pipeline Company LLC is a joint venture between Chevron Pipe Line Company and Shell Pipeline Company LP. Chevron Pipe Line Company will construct and operate this pipeline for Amberjack.

The Jack & St. Malo oil fields (operated by Chevron USA Inc. and Chevron affiliate Union Oil Company of California, respectively), are located approximately 450 kilometres (280 miles) south of New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Walker Ridge area of the Gulf. JFE Steel’s UOE pipe, with a 24-inch outer diameter, will be used for an approximately 223-kilometer pipeline to transport crude oil to a trans-shipment platform within the Gulf. The order calls for high-end line pipe capable of withstanding the pressures and low temperatures of sea depths at 2,100 meters.

Previously, JFE Steel have supplied high-end pipe for numerous pipeline projects worldwide over many years, leveraging JFE Steel’s proven technology for manufacturing cutting-edge pipe offering reliability and high-quality, and Marubeni-Itochu Steel’s extensive trading experience in the pipeline business as well.

Going forward, JFE Steel expect to continue supplying high-performance, high-quality steel pipe and other steel products for resource and energy development worldwide.

*API X65 grade UOE line pipe
High-strength steel pipe used for undersea pipelines to transport oil, natural gas, etc. over long distances. API is a standard set by American Petroleum Institute; API X65 indicates 450MPa of yield strength.

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