Research Activities

JFE Steel Corporation Steel Research Laboratory –
Contributing to society with the world’s most innovative technology.
As part of the JFE Group, the Steel Research Laboratory is actively developing:
■ Innovative processes to protect the global environment
■ New products which utilize the “full potential of steel”
■ Basic technologies which support the development of new products and processes

Product Development

Sheet Products Forming Technology Coated Products Can & Laminated Materials Electrical Steel Plate & Shapes Bar & Wire Rod Corrosion Protection Tubular Products & Casting Stainless Steel Iron Powder & Magnetic Materials

Process Technology

Environmental Process Ironmaking Steelmaking Slag & Refractories Rolling & Processing

Fundamental & Applied Technology

Joining & Strength Analysis & Characterization Material Surface & Interface Science Instrument & Control Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Numerical Simulation

Solution Center

Customer Solution Lab
Steel Materials for Social Infrastructure
Customer’s Center Fukuyama