JFE's Steel Sheets

JFE's steel sheet products are used in large quantities in fields deeply related to everyday life, including passenger cars and trucks in the automotive field, white goods and IT products in home electric appliances, steel house, metal roofing and other building materials, and containers such as beverage cans and drum cans.
JFE Steel Corporation is committed to developing and producing easy-to-use steel sheet products which contribute to reducing environmental loads, saving energy, and conserving resources.
One representative example is the various types of high strength steel sheets (hot rolled, cold rolled) developed by JFE Steel for automotive applications. High strength steel sheets make it possible to reduce the thickness of automotive sheets, which reduces auto body weight and thereby contributes to improved fuel economy. At the same time, high strength steel sheets also contribute to improved crashworthiness thanks to their excellent energy absorbing properties in collisions.
For home electric appliances, JFE Steel offers a wide lineup of Eco Frontier coated steel sheets. Rust resistance is ensured by a coating process which uses no harmful chromium, and formability and other properties are also improved.
In canning materials, various types of JFE tinplate and tin free steel are used in large quantities.In the future, JFE Steel will continue to develop people-friendly high performance steel sheets.

Sheets products

Hot-rolled steel sheets

Super-OLAC H

JFE Steel supplies a wide range of hot-rolled steel sheets, including steels with special performance, from mild steel sheets to high tensile steel. With stable quality backed by outstanding equipment and technology, excellent dimensional accuracy, a wide range of available sizes, and complete technical support, JFE's products offer numerous advantages. Hot-rolled sheets are normally produced in thicknesses from 1.2mm to 25.4mm.

Cold-rolled steel sheets

Fully Continuous Pickling and Cold Rolling Line

Like hot-rolled sheets, JFE Steel also supplies a wide range of cold-rolled steel sheets. In addition to excellent formability, surface quality, dimensional accuracy, and shape, JFE's many strengths include a wide size range and strong technical support. Normal product thicknesses range from 0.2mm to 3.2mm.

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheets

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheets

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheets are produced by applying a coating of molten zinc to the surface of hot-rolled or cold-rolled base material by the “hot dip” galvanizing process. With excellent corrosion resistance, these products are used in a wide range of fields such as automotive, electric appliance, and building material applications.

Electrogalvanized steel sheets

Continuous annealing line

Electrogalvanized steel sheets are produced by applying zinc to the surface of hot-rolled or cold-rolled base material by electroplating. The surface is smooth and attractive, and the product has the same formability and weldability as the base material. Corrosion resistance, lubricity, and other properties are improved by applying various chemical treatments to the surface to meet diverse customer needs. JFE also offers a full line of chromate-free electrogalvanized steel sheets in the JFE Eco Frontier Series.

Tinplate and tin free steel

Tin free steel

Tinplate is produced by electroplating tin on the surface of a thin cold-rolled steel sheet, while tin free steel (TFS) is produced by an electrolytic chromic acid treatment process. These products are used not only in the container field, as represented by food and beverage cans, but are also widely used in electrical machinery parts and other applications.

Special steel sheets

Special steel sheets

These are steel sheets made from carbon steel for machine structural use, alloy steel for machine structural use, carbon tool steel, or alloy tool steel and respond to diverse customer needs for homogeneous quality, high dimensional accuracy/surface quality, and a wide product line. JFE has also developed and produces various products with special features, such as Superhot steel sheets, hyper-burring steel sheets, ultra-fine carbide steel sheets, and non-oriented high carbon cold-rolled steel sheets.

Production process

JFE's steel sheet products are produced using advanced technology.

FEM Simulation

In addition to product development, production, and sales, JFE Steel also devotes great effort to the development of application technologies to determine whether products can fully demonstrate the inherent performance of the steel sheet under various use conditions.

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