No.20 March 2015 - Special Issue on “Steel Plates” and “Welding and Joining”

Development of Manufacturing Technologies of High Performance Longitudinally Profiled Steel Plates

IHARA Kenji      YUGE Yoshinori      MATSUNAGA Naoki


Applied stress to structural materials often varies in longitudinal directions. LP plates, which stand for longitudinally profiled steel plates, are plates whose thickness varies continuously along the length within a plate. They are used for shipbuilding and bridges in order to correspond to change of the stresses without joining of plates of different thicknesses, and enable cost savings by reducing steel weights and welded joints. In this paper, various special technologies for LP plates are shown, for example, rolling, accelerated cooling and shearing. By developing such technologies, manufacturing of LP plates became substantially automated to perform mass production. And the production of LP plates is increasing year by year.

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