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JFE技報 ONLINE ISSN 2185-4327 / PRINT ISSN 1348-0669

No.24 薄板建材特集号

Development of “High Reflective Heat Shield Panel”

切通 哲  KIRITOSHI Satoru  JFE建材 ホーロー・表面処理技術部ホーロー・表面処理技術室 主任部員(課長)
永石 博  NAGAISHI Hiroshi  JFE建材 ホーロー・表面処理技術部ホーロー・表面処理技術室長
坂本 義仁  SAKAMOTO Yoshihito  JFE スチール スチール研究所 土木・建築研究部 主任研究員(課長)




High reflective heat shield panel has been developed using heat shield paint as one of products to contribute to prevent global warming. For the application of conventional heat shield paint, it was difficult to maintain homogeneous coating thickness because it was mainly applied at the construction site. And the deterioration of early performance of painted panels by dirt was a practical problem. Therefore, we have developed a new painted panel basically applying pre-coating at our factory to improve the stability of its quality and to maintain its performance. Further, the deterioration of insolation reflectivity caused by dirt was prevented by adding hydrophobic effect on photocatalyst. The change of insolation reflectivity and the deterioration of coated layer were observed by conducting outdoor exposure tests and weathering tests, etc. It was confirmed that early performance of insolation reflectivity of panels was maintained by the effect of photocatalyst and the performance of coating layer was virtually identical to that of widely-used paint products.


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