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News Release

JFE Steel Corporation

West Japan Works (Fukuyama) Blast Furnace to Resume Operation Soon

Tokyo — JFE Steel Corporation’s No.3 blast furnace at the company’s West Japan Works (Fukuyama) is expected to complete a revamping that began in January and be blown-in for a fourth campaign (operating cycle) beginning around May 14.

The resumption will enable JFE Steel to idle its No.2 blast furnace in Fukuyama for enhanced production efficiency. With the changes, crude-steel production capacity will rise to 13 million tons per annum at Fukuyama and 23 million tons in the larger West Japan Works. JFE Steel’s total capacity will rise to 33 million tons.

Looking ahead, JFE Steel expects to capitalize on growing new demand, especially from Asia, as well as demand for stable supplies from domestic and other international customers. At the same time, the company will continue to optimize its blast furnace operational structure on a comprehensive basis to maximize production efficiency, costs and other key factors.

No.3 Blast Furnace Revamping

Cost: 2.90 million yen
Schedule: January – May 2011 (planned)
Result: Raise inner volume to 4,300 m3 (currently: 3,223 m3)

West Japan Works Blast Furnaces

    Inner vol. (m3) Last blow-in
Kurashiki District
 No.2 BF (operating) : 4,100 November 2003 (fourth campaign)
 No.3 BF (operating) : 5,055 February 2010 (fourth campaign)
 No.4 BF (operating) : 5,005 January 2002 (third campaign)
Fukuyama District
 No.2 BF (operating) : 2,828 September 1998 (fourth campaign)
 No.3 BF (revamping) : 3,223 August 1994 (third campaign)
 No.4 BF (operating) : 5,000 May 2006 (fourth campaign)
 No.5 BF (operating) : 5,500 March 2005 (third campaign)

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