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News Release

JFE Steel Corporation
JFE Shoji Trade Corporation

JFE Steel, JFE Shoji Trade (Shanghai) and Suzhou Hesheng Special Material
to Produce PCM Sheet in Chiangsu Province, China

Tokyo — JFE Steel Corporation, JFE Shoji Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Hesheng Special Material Co., Ltd. announced today plans to launch a company in Chiangsu Province, China to manufacture and sell pre-coated metal (PCM) sheet for electrical appliances and high-end building materials.

The new company, Suzhou Weijie Special Material Co., Ltd., is expected to begin the production of PCM with 60,000 tons/year capacity in March 2012.

China is a major production base of electrical appliances, with particularly many domestic and international electrical appliances manufacturers located in the eastern part of the country. With the production of electrical appliances expected to continue increasing, the demand for PCM sheet also is forecasted to increase, supported by the growing shift from self-spray coating to the outsourcing of coating by specialized manufacturers due to tightening global control of liquid waste.

Suzhou Weijie Special Material will exploit the strengths of its three owners – the advanced technologies of JFE Steel, the international sales network of JFE Shoji Trade Group and the high productivity and procurement capabilities of Suzhou Hesheng. The company will strive for promotion and development of PCM sheet in both China and other markets, aiming to satisfy its valued customers’ concerns for environmental protection.

Paid-in capital of 100 million Chinese yuan will be provided in the ratio of 86% Suzhou Hesheng, 10% JFE Steel and 4% JFE Shoji Trade (Shanghai). Total investment in the new company will amount to 300 million Chinese yuan.

About Suzhou Hesheng Special Material Co., Ltd.
Location: Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province
Chairman: Zhao Dongming
Founded: 2002
Capital: 60 million Chinese yuan
Sales: 665 million Chinese yuan (2009)
Employees: About 500
Main products: PCM sheet for electrical appliances and film-laminated steel sheet
PCM facilities: 2 in Suzhou factory (120,000 tons/year)
2 in Hefei factory (120,000 tons/year)
Overall capacity: 100,000 tons/year (2009)

Location of Suzhou Weijie Special Material
Location of Suzhou Weijie Special Material

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