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News Release

JFE Steel Corporation

West Japan Works (Kurashiki) Starts Up Second Battery in No. 6 Coke Oven

JFE Steel Corporation began operating a second battery in the No.6 coke oven of the company’s West Japan Works (Kurashiki) on December 15, 2010.

The battery (Battery B), which cost about 20 billion yen to build in roughly two years, is part of a domestic expansion under which JFE Steel is raising its annual crude-steel production capacity to 33 million tons.

The facility employs a special reduced-impact technology—a low nitrous oxide combustion system developed by SCOPE 21 (Super Coke Oven for Productivity and Environmental Enhancement toward the 21st Century), a project funded through the government’s Coal Production and Utilization Technology Promotion Program. JFE Steel previously adapted the technology for its Fukuyama No. 5 coke oven (Battery D).

Battery B, West Japan Works (Kurashiki)

No. of ovens: 43
Capacity: Approx. 440,000 tons/year (total coke)

JFE Steel’s Existing Coke Ovens
  Coke ovens (batteries) Ovens Capacity (m.t./yr.)
East Japan Works
No.5 (A, B), No.6 (A, B), No.7 (A, B) 260 288
Keihin No.1 (A, B), No.2 (A) 198 248
West Japan Works
No.1 (A, B), No.2 (A, B), No.3 (A, B)
No.4 (A, B), No.5 (A, B), No.6 (A, B)
506 544
Fukuyama No.3 (A,B), No.4 (A,B,C), No. 5 (A,B,C,D) 499 519

No. 6 coke oven (Battery B)

No. 6 coke oven (Battery B)
No. 6 coke oven (Battery B)

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