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News Release

JFE Steel Corporation

JFE Steel and JSW Steel Take First Concrete Step in Strategic Cooperation

TOKYO ― JFE Steel Corporation, following extensive deliberations with JSW Steel Limited since signing a strategic collaboration agreement on November 19, 2009, announced today that as the first concrete step of a new strategic alliance, they have signed agreements for JFE Steel to take an equity position in JSW Steel and to provide the Indian steelmaker with technical assistance. JFE Steel, through its partnership with JSW Steel, now expects to participate on a full scale in the emerging market of India.

JFE Steel’s equity participation in JSW Steel

JFE Steel will acquire a stake in JSW Steel by subscribing to a preferential allotment at a cost of 48 billion Indian rupees. The company plans to acquire 14.99% voting rights, so it will make additional investments if the forthcoming acquisition does not reach this figure due to reasons including but not limited to possible fluctuations in JSW Steel’s share price. JSW Steel has established a solid business base in India through strategies to expand capacity and raise the company’s rate of captive iron ore mines for improved growth and profitability. Based on JFE Steel’s equity participation, the two companies plan to cooperate in a variety of areas, including JSW Steel’s envisioned West Bengal steel plant project.

JFE Steel’s technical assistance for JSW Steel

JFE Steel also will provide JSW Steel with technical assistance for the production of automotive steel and the implementation of operational improvements at JSW Steel’s Vijayanagar Works. Agreements have been newly executed, as follows.

(1) Production of automotive steel
  • JFE Steel will provide JSW Steel with technology for the production of hot-rolled coils and cold-rolled coils for automotive use,
  • JFE Steel will supply JSW Steel with substrates, and
  • The two companies will jointly provide automotive customers with services including application engineering and product development.
Increased production of automobiles in India is creating greater needs for local procurement of materials. With the execution of these technical cooperation agreements, JFE Steel will position JSW Steel as a strategic base for the production of automotive steel, ultimately to increase sales in India.
(2) Operational improvements at JSW Steel’s Vijayanagar Works
JFE Steel will provide technical assistance for operational improvements at JSW Steel’s Vijayanagar Works. Agreements have been executed for work involving energy efficiency, environmental management, improvement of production process quality and yield, production capacity analysis and indices benchmarking.

Through these newly announced agreements, JFE Steel looks forward to deepening its collaboration with JSW Steel to establish a solid base for production and sales and thereby grow its market in India.

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