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News Release

JFE Steel Corporation

No.3 Blast Furnace at West Japan Works (Fukuyama) to Be Revamped

TOKYO – JFE Steel Corporation has decided to revamp the No.3 blast furnace (BF) at the West Japan Works (Fukuyama). The BF has been idled since February 2009.
The timing of blow-in will be determined after careful verification of market trends.
JFE Steel strives to maintain a production system capable of flexibly and swiftly adjusting to changes in demand.

Project outline:

1. Cost: Approx. 29 billion yen
2. Schedule: January 2011 – May 2011 (planned)
3. Other: Post-revamp inner volume will be 4,300m3 (current: 3,223m3)

List of West Japan Works blast furnaces:

Inner volume (m3) Blow-in date
Kurashiki District
  No.2 BF (in operation): 4,100 November 2003 (Fourth campaign)
  No.3 BF (in operation): 5,055 February 2010 (Fourth campaign)
  No.4 BF (in operation): 5,005 January 2002 (Third campaign)
Fukuyama District
  No.2 BF (in operation): 2,828 September 1998 (Fourth campaign)
  No.3 BF (to be revamped): 3,223 August 1994 (Third campaign)
  No.4 BF (in operation): 5,000 May 2006 (Fourth campaign)
  No.5 BF (in operation): 5,500 March 2005 (Third campaign)

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