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News Release

JFE Steel Corporation

No.3 Blast Furnace at West Japan Works (Kurashiki) to Be Revamped

TOKYO –JFE Steel Corporation has decided to revamp the No.3 blast furnace (BF) at the West Japan Works (Kurashiki). The BF has been idled since January 2009; the revamp is preparation for its fourth campaign (operating cycle).
The timing of blow-in will be determined after careful verification of market trends.
JFE Steel strives to maintain a production system capable of flexibly and swiftly adjusting to changes in demand.

Project outline:

1.Cost: Approx. 30 billion yen
2.Schedule: October 2009 – April 2010 (planned)
3.Other: Post-revamp inner volume will be 5,055 m3 (current: 4,359 m3)

List of West Japan Works blast furnaces:

  Inner volume (m3) Blow-in date
Kurashiki District    
No.2 BF (in operation): 4,100 November 2003 (Fourth campaign)
No.3 BF (to be revamped): 4,359 June 1990 (Third campaign)
No.4 BF (in operation): 5,005 January 2002 (Third campaign)
Fukuyama District    
No.2 BF (in operation): 2,828 September 1998 (Fourth campaign)
No.3 BF (idle): 3,223 August 1994 (Third campaign)
No.4 BF (in operation): 5,000 May 2006 (Fourth campaign)
No.5 BF (in operation): 5,500 March 2005 (Third campaign)

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