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News Release

JFE Galvanizing & Coating Co., Ltd.
JFE Steel Corporation

Development of New Hot dip galvanizing Steel sheet “JFE ECOGAL™”*
based on 5%Al-Zn Alloy Coated Steel Sheet
- High-functional hot-dip galvanized steel sheet for construction materials,
electrical equipments and general steel sheet markets -

TOKYO — JFE Galvanizing & Coating Co., Ltd. and JFE Steel Corporation have announced the joint development of “JFE ECOGAL,” a 5% aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel sheet with applications across a wide range of industrial sectors, including construction materials, electrical equipments and general steel sheets.

Development history and features

The JFE Group has long manufactured and sold JFE GALFAN as a 5% Al-Zn alloy coated steel sheet for the general steel sheet sector. Although the product features excellent formability and paintability, demand has emerged for steel sheets that offer smoother surfaces and less black staining over time. The Group responded to this demand by launching an R&D project tasked with maintaining GALFAN's features while addressing the needs of the market, and this project was successful in developing JFE ECOGAL, a product that features: 1) a smoother appearance thanks to the addition of trace elements to the plating bath (elimination of the tortoise shell pattern shown in the reference materials) and 2) chemical treatment of the galvanized surface to improve resistance to corrosion and black staining.

The JFE Group is now in a position to offer higher-quality JFE ECOGAL to customers currently using GALFAN while expanding its market to new sectors such as electrical equipments.

Below are the main features of JFE ECOGAL:

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance and lower resource consumption due to “reduction of coating weight of galvanized steel sheet” and “substitution of post-dip galvanized materials with greater coating weight”
  2. Soft galvanizing that achieves excellent formability, rendering the material suitable for applications requiring a high formability
  3. Conformance to JIS standards, making it suitable for products that require JIS conformance
  4. Smoother surface that facilitates its use as a substrate for high-luster colored steel sheets
  5. Inorganic chemical film that improves welding performance
  6. Environment-friendly chromate-free chemical film
  7. Stable quality based on many years of experience in the manufacture of JFE GALFAN

The product was named ECOGAL because it is an economical, ecological galvanized steel sheet.


JFE Galvanizing & Coating will handle sales to the construction materials sector, while working to expand applications, primarily in sectors where reduction of coating weight is required. ECOGAL galvanizing can also be used for conventional prepainted sheet substrates, improving performance and product value. For example, ECOGAL galvanizing achieves excellent alkali resistance, rendering it suitable for use as a substrate for “GF Agri™” colored sheets for livestock pens. The smooth surface also lends itself to application as a substrate for “Sanita™” insect-proof steel sheets, improving external appearance.

JFE Steel will be in charge of sales to the electrical equipments and general steel sheet sectors. In the consumer electronics sector, anticipated applications include use as bottom sheets and back sheets etc. for external air-conditioner units and refrigerators.

Production of JFE ECOGAL will begin in March at the JFE Galvanizing & Coating Chiba Works.
The JFE Group will continue to develop high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel sheets in response to market demand.

Reference: Comparison of external appearance of JFE GALFAN and JFE ECOGAL

Conventional JFE GALFAN and New JFE ECOGAL

* “JFE ECOGAL” is a trademark of JFE Galvanizing & Coating Co., Ltd. and JFE Steel Corporation.

# # #

For more information about this release, please contact:
General Administration Dept. JFE Galvanizing & Coating Co., Ltd. Tel: +81-3-5255-9501

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