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Although JFE Steel is a pretty newly branded steel producer, established from the merger of NKK and Kawasaki Steel in April 2003, it has inherited the legacies of both NKK and Kawasaki who started steel businesses in 1912 and 1906 respectively.

CRA materials

Oil country tubular goods (OCTG) were first manufactured and shipped at Chita Works Kawasaki Steel in 1971. Since then Kawasaki, now JFE, has been playing a key role of supplying high grade OCTG globally.
13Cr martensitic stainless OCTG is JFE's core product with more than 40 % market share of stainless OCTG shipping from Japanese tube makers, who dominate more than 80% worldwide share.
This CRA material was first launched from Chita Works to the market in 1984.

This was the world first attempt to produce hard-to-pierce seamless tubulars by the mannesmann-mandrel rolling method, which suits mass production and cost efficiency.
Advanced Type of 13Cr (HP13Cr), which have superior corrosion resistance in severe CO2 and light sour environment, were developed in 1997.

These two types of 13Cr OCTG products have been welcomed and used by customers from Super Majors, Majors, to independent and state-owned operators, and the demand of these product has been increasing.(see below chart)

New product lineup of JFE CRA, named UHP™15Cr, was developed in 2003 and first shipped to the U.S market in 2004. This CRA product addresses is a solution for deeper wells with higher pressures, and temperatures.


JFE SteelJFE Steel, together with Hunting Oilfield UK, codeveloped its first premium connection FOX™ in 1985. With its unique "pitch change" concept, FOX™ has been earning global reputation for strong gauling resistance and excelent sealability.

Oil & gas operators are currently drilling deeper high-deviation wells in higher pressure reservoirs.
To address these severe conditions, JFE-Steel developed JFEBEAR™ in 1999, a new breed of premium connection designed to withstand today's toughest well conditions.

Key Milestone of JFE OCTG

1943 Chita Works established as special steel plant.
1970 Small diameter seamless pipe mill (OD1"~7") begins operation.
1971 OCTG seamless pipes first shipped.
1978 Medium diameter seamless pipe mill (OD7"~16") begins operation.
1985 FOX™ premium joint codeveloped.
1993 Awarded the Okochi Memorial Special Production Prize for manufacturing 13Cr OCTG.
1999 KSBEAR premium joint developed.
2000 Accumulated seamless pipe product reaches 10 million tons.
2003 JFE Steel established from the merger of NKK and Kawasaki Steel.
2004 UHP™15Cr first shipped to the U.S market.

Stainless OCTG Shipment Quantity from Japan

Stainless OCTG Shimpment Data from Japan

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