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No. 87 DEC. 2002
7. New Applications for Iron and Steelmaking Slag
Tatsuhito Takahashi and Kazuya Yabuta
Iron and steelmaking slag is a by-product of the iron and steelmaking process. Slag has traditionally been used as a component of cement and construction aggregate. NKK has led the industry in promoting the effective use of slag. In this paper, fine concrete aggregate, known as Sandy-S, and slag sand-capping material are introduced as new applications of granulated blast furnace slag. Other innovative uses of steelmaking slag are introduced: large carbonated slag blocks, called Marine Blocks, produced by injecting carbon dioxide into slag compact, and potassium silicate fertilizer produced by adding a potassium source to steelmaking slag.
Ceramic honeycomb, Regenerative burner, Energy saving, Low NOx emission, Global warming, Industrial furnace, Highly preheated air combustion

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