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No. 85 DEC. 2001
4. Slurry Phase Synthesis and Utilization of Dimethyl Ether
Yotaro Ohno, Norio Inoue, Takashi Ogawa, Masami Ono, Tsutomu Shikada and Hiromasa Hayashi
DME (dimethyl ether) has been attracting the attention of industry as a clean fuel for the 21st century. NKK has been conducting original DME synthesis research since 1989. Operational research was performed in a 5 tons-DME production/day pilot plant, which operated continuously under very stable conditions for periods up to two months. These studies led to the successful synthesis of DME from methane directly from coal layers. Combustion tests of DME in a commercial type household cooking gas stove and diesel truck driving tests confirmed that DME has high potential as an alternative fuel.
DME, dimethyl ether, natural gas, coal bed methane, LPG, synthesis gas, catalyst, municipal gas, alternative fuel, diesel fuel

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