JFE技報 ONLINE ISSN 2185-4327 / PRINT ISSN 1348-0669

No.39 2017年2月 缶用鋼板・棒線特集号

Manufacturing Processes and Products of Bar and Wire Rod in JFE Steel

佐藤 道夫 SATO Michio JFEスチール 棒線セクター部長
西村 公宏 NISHIMURA Kimihiro JFEスチール スチール研究所 棒鋼・線材研究部長




JFE Steel manufactures bar & wire rod and related products at both blast furnace and electric furnace steel works, and responds to the customers’ needs by variety of products. By taking advantage of these respective processes, JFE Steel West Japan Works (Kurashiki) and JFE Bars & Shapes Sendai Works established manufacturing system of high quality products and supply system. Furthermore, JFE Steel has made continual development of value-added products and commercialized eco-friendly products with excellent properties. This paper describes features of these plants and processes and introduces typical examples of newly developed bar & wire rod products in JFE Steel.


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