JFE技報 ONLINE ISSN 2185-4327 / PRINT ISSN 1348-0669

No.37 2016年2月 分析・解析特集号

Micro Beam Analysis of Interface in Advanced Material Using Cs-Corrected STEM, ULV-SEM, and FE-EPMA

猪瀬  明 INOSE Akira JEEテクノリサーチ ソリューション本部(川崎)ナノ材料評価センター主査(課長)
北原 保子 KITAHARA Yasuko JEEテクノリサーチ ソリューション本部(川崎)ナノ材料評価センター主査(副部長)
池本  祥 IKEMOTO Sachi JEEテクノリサーチ ソリューション本部(川崎)ナノ材料評価センター主査(係長)
橋本  哲 HASHIMOTO Satoshi JEEテクノリサーチ 営業本部兼ソリューション本部(川崎)主査(部長)・博士(工学)




Characteristic properties in advance materials originate from interface or surface nanoscopic structures, and macroscopic structures are also controlled for their stable production. Various micro-beam analysis techniques, which cover from the atomic scale to the macroscopic scale, are required for detailed studies. Such analyses using spherical aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (Cs-corrected STEM), ultra-low voltage scanning electron microscope (ULV-SEM), and field emission-electron probe micro-analyser (FE-EPMA) are applied to characterize neodymium magnets, electronic materials such as power devises, and noble metal fine particle catalysts.


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