JFE技報 ONLINE ISSN 2185-4327 / PRINT ISSN 1348-0669

No.37 2016年2月 分析・解析特集号

Progress and Future Prospects of Microbeam Analysis in JFE Group

佐藤  馨 SATO Kaoru JFEスチール スチール研究所 主席研究員・Ph. D.




This paper describes the brief history of microstructure analysis in the JFE Group. Modern steel production has been always utilizing emerging technologies. The JFE Group has been introducing state of the art microbeam analytical tools and utilizing them for their R & D. Microbeam analysis has been extensively used in steel research. Electron microscopy and surface analysis tools are now capable of designing high performance steel products and other JFE products. Further strengthening of this field is crucial to sustain JFE Groupʼs continuous challenge.


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