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Benoit Premium Threading

The leading provider of premium tubing connections and downhole completion accessories for the oil & gas industry which include pup joints, combo-joints®, blast joints, landing nipples, and flow couplings.

Benoit and Steel Service Oilfield Tubular, Inc. stock a complete line of API grades like L-80, P-110, T-95, Q-125, and S-135. In addition, Benoit and Steel Service stock a complete line of JFE chrome products which include 13CR-85, 13CR-95, HP1-13CR-110, HP2-13CR-110, and UHP15CR.

Benoit Premium Threading image


  • Premium Tubing
    Extended Upset Tbg.
    Control Lgth. Tbg.
    Premium Pup Joints
    API Pup Joints
    Blast Joints
    Landing Nipples
    Sliding Sleeves
    BCSD Flow-Tool®
    Flow Couplings


  • Project Coordination
    Gas Testing
    Hydrostatic Testing
    Assembly Make-up
    Customer Accessory Threading
    Control Line Orientation
    Dot Matrix Stamping - Tbg.


  • BTS-8
  • BTS-6
  • BTS-4
  • Echo-F4
  • Echo-SS
  • BFJ
  • BNFJ
  • TSCC
  • Echo F4-FGL

Company Profile

  • Benoit Premium Threading, LLC
    P.O. Box 2618 (70361)
    3400 Industrial Park Dr.
    Houma, La. 70363
    Phone: (985) 879-2487
    Fax: (985) 872-0798


  • API Q1ISO 9001
    API Spec 5CTAPI 14L
    API Spec 7-1ISO/TS 29001

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